Day 2

We have already fallen into a good rhythm. The yesterday morning took a long time to gather ourselves, but today we were up and out right on time. Good work team! Thank you Mr. Solomon for taking care of us last night and making us tea and fried dumpling to get us started in the morning. Blessings.

We were off to a great start and halfway through Dee realized her phone had fallen out of her pocket somewhere along the route. Not just a phone lost, but pictures and videos with people we have met along the way. It was going to be devastating to us all! We sent two back to retrace our steps, the rest kept walking on and two of us kept calling the phone every few minutes. Eventually the phone was found and the person who found it called us back and we got the phone back.

The amazing part of the story isn’t that the phone was found and given back. The amazing part is that this is what we expected. Jamaica often gets a bad reputation for being a violent country where you can’t trust anyone and you’d likely get robbed if you have anything nice (like the very nice Iphone that was lost). This isn’t the Jamaica that we know. The two young men who found the phone told us that when the found the phone that they thought about selling it, but decided it was the right thing to do to find the owner. This is what Jamaica is like, this is the interior of Jamaica that we are going through. We are constantly being reminded of the generosity of the people here. Thank you for that valuable reminder!


Day one

We will do our best to keep up do date on the walk everyday, but internet access will not always be available so updates may come in bundles.

January 31 – Day one

Last night we stayed at The Source Farm – a wonderful ecovillage and school.

10858509_517510901724188_702859790562593096_n Here we are in front of their sign – they also run Daughters of Indigo on site.

We woke up at 430, got ready, ate breakfast, received our blessing and took off to Morant Point just past 6. Our plan was to leave the lighthouse at 6, but it wasn’t until 3 hours later that we finally took off. 10177497_517900118351933_9114820937758285091_n

Right before we started walking.

10945869_517888081686470_2784047481270160786_o Our first few hours were on a muddy road through cane fields. We were on the lookout for stray bulls and crocodiles.

We made it in the news!